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Rules & Agreements

This User Agreement regulates the relations between Mining House Trade LTD, with its registration number in the British state register of companies 11761940, and the individual who uses the functionality of Mining House Trade LTD.

User Agreement

To obtain access to the investment functionality of the Mining House Trade LTD website, the User needs to create a personal account. Creating it, he or she confirms his or her consent herewith, as well as with other published documents of the company.
The Company notifies that for the website systems to function correctly, some User’s personal data may be required. Its use is regulated by the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.
Individuals who have reached full age and have a financially favorable social status are allowed to perform the investment activity on Mining House Trade LTD.
The User confirms that the funds used to pay the deposit account are accounted for in the tax system of the state of his or her current residence.
Highly profitable investment activity is associated with significant risks of losing funds in case of economic force majeure.
The security service of Mining House Trade LTD monitors the correct functioning of the protective functionality of the website and continuously monitors abusers’ suspicious and fraudulent actions. In case of detecting unfair Users, the company has the right to block the abusers’ accounts and prohibit the use of Capital Castle by using technical or other methods.
The company has the predominant right to make a final decision in the discussions, disputes and conflicts between investors and representatives of Mining House Trade LTD, as well as by involving third parties.
Mining House Trade LTD reserves the right to entirely or partially change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

2. Anti-spam Policy

This Anti-Spam Policy is a document that officially demonstrates the attitude of Mining House Trade LTD to bulk mail-out and spam in instant messaging systems.
The obtained personal information about the User (email or other contact details) is protected hereby and cannot be used by the company to mail-out advertising or other messages unless it is directly related to the User’s investment activity or technical functionality of the website Mining House Trade LTD (automatic recovery procedure to log in the account and processing of inquiries by Technical Support Service).
Under no circumstances the Company shall transfer the Users’ contact details to any third parties under commercial or other conditions.
The company strictly abides hereto and controls every employee, including top managers and representatives of the company in terms of complying herewith.
Mining House Trade LTD reserves the right to partially or fully change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

3. Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy is a part of the Privacy Policy and specifies peculiarities of using cookie files by Mining House Trade LTD.
Cookie files are small files or fragments of data to identify the User, the system capacity to track a personal session, as well as to maintain the User’s individual configuration.
The technology of cookie files is important for the correct work of the investment functionality of . That is why it is not recommended to manually turn off cookie reception in settings of the browser you use to enter Mining House Trade LTD.
Some cookies may be found on the User’s device, even if he or she has entirely left Mining House Trade LTD until they are removed with the aid of the built-in functions of the used browser.
To exclude the interception or substitution of personal cookies containing confidential information about the User by third parties, the Mining House Trade LTD website safely transfers all data only through a reliably secured SSL connection.
Mining House Trade LTD reserves the right to entirely or partially change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

4. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy regulates the processing of the private information obtained about the User by Mining House Trade LTD within this User Agreement.
This Privacy Policy is supplemented by the published Cookie Policy and Anti-Spam Policy documents that are equally covered by the below provisions unless expressly agreed to the contrary herein.
Mining House Trade LTD obtains some confidential information about every User that enables the website Mining House Trade LTD to work correctly. It includes any data provided personally by the User such as e-mail, financial accounts or wallet addresses in other payment systems, as well as technical data obtained during the interaction of the web server and the User's device, for example, the used IP address, web browser, devices and installed software.
The company has unlimited rights to process private information of individuals who visited the website Mining House Trade LTD. Processing of private information is interpreted as the request, receipt, analysis, use, accounting, storage, updating and removal of any user data obtained.
The company never transfers, sells or otherwise distributes the confidential information of its investors and, moreover, actively and reliably protects it from theft or wiretap by third parties.
Mining House Trade LTD reserves the right to entirely or partially change the text hereof at any time without sending an additional notice to Users.

Note: Multiple accounts are not allowed. All accounts with same IP, Same information will be blocked and the fund will be under management control.

Note: Members cannot send bad votes, posts, comments, etc on the forums, monitoring websites, social media, etc before contacting the support team.