Mining House Trade LTD
The best investment of bitcoins!
Bitcoin Price: 1 BTC = USD
Affiliate program

Any member can be interested in our referral program. They can make a profit without investing through our referral program, whether they have invested or not. Our system is designed in such a way that everyone can make a profit through the referral system. Each customer finds a special connection after registration and Can use Mining House Trade with its own link. We have four referral plans that you can use.

Affiliate reward


Share information about our investment and partnership offer with friends or colleagues and do not forget to send them your unique referral link, which can be found at your personal cabinet. We welcome everyone who wants not only to get an additional income without deposits but also to take a direct part in the development of the Mining House Trade LTD.
Referral Commission:
$10-$1000 --> 0.5%
$1001-$2000 --> 5%
$2001-$5000 --> 15%
$5001-$50000$ --> 20%

Our representatives

Become a Regional Representative Please contact for application with your personal details. In order to become our company's Regional Representative you have to have the ability to support and promote our project in your region, via organizing seminars, blog post, videos etc.

Paid Out Company Capital:
GBP £55,000,000